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Ed Lamoureux ell at bumail.bradley.edu
Sun Mar 1 12:58:05 PST 2009

Personal reflections. Your milage may vary.

1) money is VERY tight this year. I'm probably more likely to attend  
a .edu conference inworld/remotely, than I am to travel for f-2-f. I'd  
love to be with everyone, but I'll see some of the SL people at NMC in  
June (monterey bay) , AoIR in Oct (Milwaukee) , and NCA in Nov  
(chicago). Not sure I can get my place to pay for another trip . . .  
no coverage, no travel.

2) I will NEVER again attend SLCC as long as .edu is charged by the  
organization for hosting a track.

As an academic, I'm not going to move over to a trade show model  
without complaint. I'm sure there are people for whom SLCC is a trade  
show, and they are happy to pay for the opportunity to exhibit. And  
United and co. are not even an enterprise... all the good souls who  
volunteer all their time to throw the gig for LL and it's user base...  
HUGE kudos to them.

I'll pay hotel and food. I'll pay a registration fee. But I won't  
attend .edu tracks for which the organizers have had to come up with a  
large fee for the pleasure of hosting the track. Or . . . for which  
they've had to sshlep all around to get "sponsors" to step up and pay  
the freight. That's not how academic meetings work, and if it's not an  
academic meeting, it's a side show, and I don't have time for it.

3) I'm also not attending SLCC as long as LL treats the event as not  
part of their business function. The world they've enabled us to build  
in is already primarily user-created content and they are doing very  
well by us (and others). And we appreciate it and we are benefiting  
from their excellent creation. But I think they are getting off WAY  
too easy over this yearly convention. I think they should step up to  
the plate in a HUGE way and put BOTH planning/personnel AND financing  
into the thing. As it is, someone else throws this huge, complex, and  
expensive annual party for them... and then they "pay the community  
back" by showing up, having a great time,  and giving a presentation  
or two.

These guys/gals aren't the stars of a major motion picture or rock  
group, folks. They are computer geeks who run a software company. As  
much fun as I've had meeting some of them over the years aside... I  
think they should throw their own company party and if they have the  
good sense to invite all the people who've made them what they are  
(the residents), so be it. I'm very uncomfortable with yet another  
user-created success for linden lab.

3) won't missing out on the "others" at SLCC be a detriment? Yes. I'll  
miss meeting fellow musicians, hearing about developments for  
business, etc. However, one can only be in swo many places at once....  
and it would be very easy to have a 1-2-3 day meeting for .edu without  
time for anything else. So the diversity is a loss I'd be willing to  

though I told Sarah (survey) that I'd help . . .  #1, above, (money  
this year) is a MAJOR issue for me. It's unlikely I can go to any  
meeting that isn't within a 1/2 day's drive from me . . .and of  
course, that's not going to near close enough to anyone but those of  
us in the US midwest... and I can't expect anyone to pay for travel if  
I won't.... Sooooooo...... I wonder if we should stay inworld or do  
this next year instead of this year? Our budgets flop in may....

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