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I want to echo Sarah's point about how open and respectful this debate has been. 

We are at a watershed moment in education where the Ivory tower is crumbling supported and encouraged by many who post to this list. Education is everywhere across the digital landscape from WOW to Webkinz and it has been transformative because the traditional definitions are being challenged. 

It is messy for traditionalists and for administrators who approve budgets. They want to keep education, teachers and academics in white rooms away from the real world. 

Second Life has thrown the doors open and I believe that is why this may this time be a real revolution. I would resist the temptation for order and control. 
One week we are sanitizing our are avatars and hiding our group affiliations to keep a myth alive about who teachers are... placing ourselves in self imposed exile and now taking it to the point that we will just talk to ourselves, exchanging a tower for a glass house where anyone can look in and see how well behaved and neat we are. I prefer the mess....


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Linda: I don't think anyone would disagree with your sentiments. Fracturing the community isn't anyone's goal. However, the SLCC organizers simply aren't being accommodating (check out Jon Richter's post earlier for details). It would certainly be more desirable to have the WHOLE of SL at one event sharing ideas, bonding, etc. but it doesn't look like SLCC is the venue for this, at least this year.

The choices, it seems, are to have a seperate event, attend a seemingly disorganized event with no assured benefit, or attend none at all this year. Hence the survey I posted last night.

Given more time, I think that next year will be different. For now, though, we're just trying to do what we can to have some kind of event that meets the many needs and wants of the Education (ALL kinds of education, not just institutional or narrowly defined education) community.

I'm so glad we're having this discussion. We are, after all, a diverse community of peers who all have valuable contributions to make.


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