[SLED] Robbie Dingo's Starry Night

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WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing this...
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HI Aj, 

I suspect if the music was used without the permission of publisher,
record company or artist (Don McLean) then YouTube/Google may have
removed it or told Robbie too. 

It is still up on Blip.tv via Robbies - blog

Higher Quality version (900 x 600) / (Recommended).
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On 02/03/2009, at 12:46 AM, AJ wrote:

	Ok, maybe I'm late to the dinner table or something, and this
has been discussed ad nauseum, but I went searching for the machinima of
Robbie Dingo's Starry Night and can't find it anywhere, including his
own You Tube channel.  So, clearly it's been taken off line for some
reason.  Does anyone know where I can find/have a copy and do you know
the back story behind it.  Sorry if this has been discussed before.
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