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Fri Feb 27 08:48:38 PST 2009

"Space Between People: How the Virtual Changes Physical Architecture"

"If architecture is the construction of space between people, what happens
when that space exists in a virtual world? That question is the starting
point for this collection of revolutionary projects by a new generation of
designers. The book begins by examining the important issues that have
emerged as technology reshapes our idea of place and proceeds to present the
four winning projects from the first architecture competition held within
the explosively popular Internet community known as Second Life. Chosen for
their inventiveness and aesthetic excellence, these structures a cloud that
can be inhabited; a meta-museum; an interactive sound scape; and a snow
palace of discarded objects illustrate the mind-bending possibilities of
digital design. In the book s final section, media artists share their
real-time experiences conceptualizing and creating projects for the virtual

On Amazon: http://tr.im/gQw5

I just got this book and can't put it down.  It is visually stunning (color
photos on every single page), full of provocative questions, and is filling
my head with new ideas...


John Lester
Boston Operations Director
Education and Healthcare Development
Second Life Name: Pathfinder Linden

"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd." -Miguel de
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