[SLED] What about Teaching/Learning Centers?

Will Tuladhar-Douglas w.t.douglas at abdn.ac.uk
Thu Feb 26 05:23:50 PST 2009

Well, our Centre for Learning and Teaching is represented on this list  
by Phil Marston (who's clearly being modest just now), and he and I  
work very closely on developing Aberdeen's Second Life presence. So  
for us at least it's a symbiotic relationship built around projects -  
but without our CLT I'd be stuck. They are supportive of learning- and  
research-driven innovation in a way that the infrastructure folks  
simply don't have time to be.


On 23 Feb 2009, at 23:18, Rolig Loon wrote:

> I'm curious....... In the two years that I have been following threads
> on this list, I have rarely, if ever, heard anyone mention their
> campus teaching/learning center.

> So, out of bemused curiosity, why has there been so little mention of
> these professionals in SLED? Are they here? Do you talk to them in RL?

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