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I can't read this!
Point well taken. True possibly the strongest argument regarding the suggested  "English only" protocol on an SL discussion board should from the non-native English speakers. Without such insight it isn't possible to grasp the extent of the lost knowledge building capabilities a monolingual mandate will impose. I wish I knew a second language well enough to say for sure. I think only in English, limiting in that respect. 
Beyond the utilitarian value of settling on one language for SL, there is a more important one. And that's the power given over to the native English speakers who are dominating this knowledge making forum. What is accepted as fact in any line of logic rests on the logic inherent in the language used to construct it. And because of this I associate a certain stench with an "English only" language restriction, particularly for an academic discussion board-- not unlike a stench that surrounds "male only" or "white only" in different academic contexts. Undoubtedly the latter recommendations were mandated at the time for what seemed logical and useful reasons but we know the disastrous impact each had on the thwarting the very thing they sought...knowledge in all its purity. 
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I do not know how to say it in Esperanto - but I can guess it.. 
This e vraiment Spass!


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On Feb 23, 2009, at 12:58 PM, David Gillett wrote:

	  Se ni bezonas nur unu solan lingvon universalan (me ne tro certas pri
	tio!), gxi estu lingvo kiu ne fortigas iujn ol aliajn, cxu ne?  Do, la plej
	bona sol-lingvon por efektivigi komunicado estus Esperanto, la dua lingvo de

	  Mi supozas ke multaj instruantoj ne volas lerni cxi tiu lingvon, kaj ni
	devas akcepti uzadon de la angla lingvo.  Kial ne ankaux foje akcepti aliajn
	lingvojn kiam prefereble uzatajn?

	David Gillett
	Stealth Snook
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