[SLED] Master's Research Survey Request

Wlodzimierz Sobkowiak swlodek at ifa.amu.edu.pl
Mon Feb 23 05:17:06 PST 2009

Troy McConaghy <troy.mcconaghy at gmail.com> asks, wrt to a SL personality 

Can an avatar even have a mood? I suppose I could make my primary avatar 
seem to be angry or upset...
So are you asking if I maintain my avatar's mood constant or if I control it 
up and down?...
Are you asking I tell my avatar to project my real mood?...


I believe the original survey questions make no sense to people who are not 
immersed in SL.
To SL-immersed people there's effectively no difference between their 
(immersed) RL self and the avatar SL self.
When immersed, they ARE their avatars, and their avatars ARE them.
Neither party 'makes' the other 'seem' or 'project' anything, maintains 
anything, controls anything....
This is not to deny the existence of alts with which people may not 
identify, alts used for strictly pragmatic reasons, like tools.
But the original survey questions were about the primary avatar, presumably 
the one endowed with the maker's personality.
The question/s are of utmost importance to SLeducators, if only because 
teacher personality is of utmost importance to teaching.

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