[SLED] New resource for SL educators!

Kraemer, Beth kraemer at email.uky.edu
Sun Feb 22 16:36:15 PST 2009

Announcing a new community-managed database for educational resources in Second Life! 
If you have lists of recommended Second Life locations, websites and other educational resources, please consider contributing those to this central location, where the collection can be shared and searched. 

We need the SLED community to contribute content and help guide the structure of this new resource.  Anyone can contribute to the collection. The database is created using DabbleDB.com and served from the Simteach.com website - thanks to Jeremy Kemp for hosting this resource on SimTeach! 

Please come and contribute at the portal: 

This is a new project, and there are only a few sample records in the database now. If you have any suggestions about the structure of the database or questions about this project, please contact kraemer at email.uky.edu or jkemp at slis.sjsu.edu. Thank you!

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