[SLED] ISTE SL Tour Sunday Feb 22, 9 AM SLT focus on spirit/religion/philosophy

Esme Qunhua esmequnhua at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 12:21:54 PST 2009

ISTE SL Bi Weekly Tour
Sunday, February 22, 9 AM SLT
Leaving from ISTE Headquarters
Please arrive early to prepare for a prompt departure
Topic: Spirituality - Religious Traditions
We will visit sites related to new and old religious traditions.

We will consider the builds, the tools, the activities, membership etc.  As
always we are looking at the personal and educational application of what we
Worried about separation of church and state?  Don't worry I am an atheist
:-)  And I am sure we will have varied perspectives in the group.

The tour guides will use voice if it is available to all.  We will also use
a group channel for text and voice chat.  If you are at 25 groups you will
want to leave one temporarily in order to participate in ISTE SL tour group.

Though we sometimes require registration, this time all are welcome.

Esme Qunhua/Jane Wilde
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