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Chris Smith csmith at csmith.info
Wed Feb 18 09:19:24 PST 2009

ISTE Session:  "Library on a Stick Workshop" 19 Feb 2009
6:00pm S.L. Time

I've been invited back to share some more resources that are available free
on International Schools Island

This session (at ISTE Island beach front) is designed to be of interest to
teachers in any curriculum area and with students of any age group.

I'm going to showcase and share a concept and object from JJ Drinkwater,
Director (The Libraries of Caledon) .... 
"The Library on a Stick" (LoaS)
... personally I think this is a brilliant name.

After an initial introduction to the concept there will be a 'hands-on'
session in 3 groups to explore what the LoaS does ... and group discussion
on how it might be modified to suit different curriculum areas or teaching
and learning needs.

 We will then reconvene as a whole group, I'll be asking for a volunteer
from each of the three groups to report back (voice)  .... on the
functionality of the LoaS, how it might be used in different teaching and
learning situations and how we might modify or improve this tool.
 At the end of the session all participates are able to collect open source
versions of the tools shown .. and take them home  ... wherever home is ;-).
 It is hoped that JJ Drinkwater himself will be able to attend.
Although I'm designing this time together to raise our awareness of some of
the tools in S.L. there is a second aspect to the session .... which is the
classroom management and organisation of the workshop.  I do try and model
different strategies to run professional development sessions when in S.L.
... some work better than others (I'm experimenting myself) ..... so I will
allocate some time at the end of the hour to reflect on the process rather
than the content ..... and this is where your feedback is really appreciated
to help us move forward in the journey through this new medium ... what
worked well and what not so well?

p.s. .... we might also have some fun ;-)

Shamblesguru Voom
February 2009
I'll be using mainly voice .... so it's advisable to have a headset or
speakers .... microphones optional (but would be nice).

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