[SLED] RE: K-12 School Counselors/Job Fair Sites in SL

Wright, Paul Paul.Wright at oa.mo.gov
Wed Feb 18 08:41:39 PST 2009


On March 12, 2009 the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary
Education will be presenting a conference session to school counselors
about Second Life. We are trying to find some interesting areas to visit
during an in-world tour part of this session.


If anyone knows of sites that would be of interest to counselors or
perhaps know of some job fairs going on at the time please drop me a


My in-world name is Jedadiah Juran.




Paul G. Wright

IT Director-Education

Office of Administration-ITSD


DESE: Phone: 573.526.7363, Fax: 573.526.4125, Web:

DHE:   Phone: 573.526.1583, Fax: 573.751.6635, Web: ,

Cell: 573.298.2022


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