[SLED] How well does the Second Life Support Portal work for you?

George Scobie george at lindenlab.com
Tue Feb 17 15:22:17 PST 2009


I wanted to first thank everyone for your participation in the survey 
about my office hour scheduling. So far there have been 13 responses. 
I'd like to extend this survey collection for a little bit longer to 
help pull in responses from folks who might have missed the original 
message. :) Office hours will be open attendance and allow me to sync up 
with you to learn more about your efforts, share information on planned 
projects, and discuss challenges that the educational community faces in 
Second Life. If you have input on good times for office hours, please 
feel free to let me know here:  http://tr.im/gqqr

Next, we would love to have your feedback about the current Second Life 
Support Portal ( http://www.secondlife.com/support ).  How well does 
this page address the needs of educators just arriving in Second Life 
and need help about basics? or need help finding information on land and 
how to teach a class in Second Life? What are top educator questions 
that you hear, and how well are we addressing your questions through the 
support portal today? Your feedback on these topics and a few more would 
be greatly appreciated through this quick 7 question survey:  

Thank you for all your feedback!!


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