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What eloquence....bravo! As with the emergence of cable and home video, there is an even bigger paradigm shift going on that will be accelerated and intensified because of the current economic crises. 

As Judy points out, these are Darwinian forces, environmental changes that will test education more than any other industry/institution and that will effect many generations of children/students to come. 

Adapting to these changes and evolving new models is our responsibility as educators, content producers and yes, educational publishers. But the challenge and even the solution is not new...

As I have been reminded through sled posts and in recent conversations in sl....maybe there are "not" new literacy's for the 21st Century for teaching and learning in virtual worlds. Co-mentoring, creating immersive learning environments, making education child centered and respecting learning differences and styles are and have been for a very long time what defines progressive education. The tension lines are once again being drawn between prescriptive and descriptive teaching approaches.

In the sled posts, at the round tables and at both in world and at rl conferences we have heard the best from both sides. Real change can only come from integrative approaches and with the upcoming Best Practices Conference we have the forum to hear about both and be open to every new and old idea....

The recent faire was the appetizer...we can make SLBP~2009 the entrée...

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Hi All
Chris - I trimmed the quoted section out just for you - I un-digested to solve the issue. It also meant being able to join the debates in a more timely fashion- so onward Rolig, jeremy, Eloise, AJ and Ellen - do I detect established positions
- because another niggling idea has been floating around in my mind. I have listen to some very good arguments about what SL does so well but for me that isn't good enough- that we would put anything in the too hard basket - no I don't believe you would. 
(must not over fed that hamster script) I would like us to consider if SL is in an evolutionary stage much like that RL culture has transitioned through. From there (our fav places in
RL) we can observe that it is our stories and then the performance/telling of them followed by a collecting and eventually editing etc that eventually gets us to that book- the linearity is not good in that description but reflects simply a passage of time. 
Please dont accept SL cant do the abstract end of the educational
experience- We need your minds helping to work out the mashups of rl that are yet to come in SL.  
I suspect our "fun" in identifying RL, SL, experience, abstract and fact (jeremy ~Funny ACT ) misses the learnt (and I don't have a word)something/moment we want to give. That something is what we are manipulating in our selecting of detail and possible learner engagement.
Shakespeare I am sure will have said it well and in the repeating performances and critical reflection of a long line of thinkers, facts and notions are "transferred" if the viewer wants to catch them. (The textbook will follow?) Where we place the learner viewer in so many of the rl sharing is external to 'it' where sl privileges being is right there in amongst it.

Please, for us all, turn your thinking to enrichment and density a thickness to the icing and cake of the SL content.



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