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Fri Feb 13 08:18:00 PST 2009

I have an alt who is my banker.  This alt holds my Lindens. I feel like its
safer to pass funds to an avatar that doesn't get used all that much. When I
am being paid Lindens I have the funds sent to the banker.  Having a banker
alt also helps to control my impulse buying at the shops! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Linda Rogers <lindarog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reasons that I have heard for the creation of alts:
> 1.  Land management:  an alt is created to be the rent collector and manage
> groups associated with a persons varied land holdings in SL.
> 2.  Professional/personal exploration of SL:  Some individuals have
> restrictions on their groups and appearance in SL associated with their work
> and they'd like to explore other groups and activities.
> 3.  Roleplay: individuals want to create an alt with a name and appearance
> that matches their character... for example an elven sounding name or a
> dragon name.
> 4. Harassment:  sometimes people create an alt to escape harassment
> temporarily or permanently.  I know one person who did this when potentially
> embarassing details of their SL activities were made public on the web.
> 5. Mischief:  people have been known to create alts for negative reasons,
> to cause trouble, fool people or spy on others.
> 6.  Second Life Arts:  Alts are sometimes created for artistic reasons,
> such as actors for machinama, avatars that look like composers of the past,
> storyteller characters, stage actor avatars.
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Carol H Tucker <beladona at gmail.com>wrote:
>> There are certainly many reasons to creat an alt -- and many arguments
>> against it.  On the plus side, I know many muscians, builders, scripters,
>> fashionistas, Lindens, and other content creators who have alts just to keep
>> from being hounded by their social network.  On the negative side, I know of
>> one gentleman who would partner, then create multiple alts so that he could
>> solicit sex with random strangers without his partner knowing.  Also on the
>> negative side, I also know of a woman who creates multiple characters,
>> inserts them willy-nilly in role play for her amusement, then kills them off
>> rather than face the consequences of her actions.
>> I cannot answer why others have alts or how they use them; I can state why
>> I do.  I have four avatars:
>>    - *beladona Memorial:*  this is my default persona. Her shape is a
>>    custom one that has been refined over time [couldn't buy one because then
>>    the face changes and it isn't me] and she has four things that are part of
>>    her "look" -- her hair is always red [whether it is long or short], she
>>    always wears glasses, she has freckles, and she is short by SL standards.
>>    She also has many alternate avatars that she uses -- her favorites being a
>>    dragon, a tiny [pig, hatchling or hedgehog], and a book.  She is the busiest
>>    of the four -- an SL mentor, a mainstay of the communities where she lives,
>>    an active participant in the Live Music and education scene.  When she is
>>    online, she is bombarded with personal IMs, group notices, group IMs -- oh,
>>    and shopping ads because she is a shopaholic and has subscribed to many of
>>    the update groups.  She is a little over 3 years old, takes a great deal of
>>    pride in the fact that for a very long time she was the only
>>    "beladona/belladonna" in SL, has created a personal group, owns land, and is
>>    partnered to Searaven Raymaker
>>     - *elona Dayafter:*  is about 1 1/2 years old.  She has a bought
>>    shape, has a light dusting of freckles over her cheekbones, and has always
>>    been raven-haired.  She started out shorter and plumper, but has morphed to
>>    match the tastes of her master.  Originally created for the sole purpose of
>>    being with my then-partner without the pressures of beladona's social
>>    commitments, elona was a Free Woman of Gor, but has submitted.  She is a
>>    kajira and has an active and fulfilling life with her master.  Her time in
>>    world varies according to her master's wishes and needs.
>>     - *Ndlovukazi Noyes:*  orginally created specifically to enter one
>>    sim and explore, around the same time as elona, she is my neko persona.  Her
>>    shape is actually the same as beladona's, but she is rather tall, and she
>>    has leopard print skin.  She started out as a red head and is now a
>>    brunette, but she doesn't get out much.  The name as a great deal of
>>    significance to me, but she wears a tag that advises people to "call me
>>    Kazi", a nickname that was given to her by a guy she met on her rez day.
>>     - *bela Martian:*  created just this spring for a rezz-day party of
>>    the evil Martian overlord Razzup Snookums -- the last name "martian" became
>>    available right around his rezz-day and just about our entire community got
>>    into the swing of this party.  She is only 4', her skin and hair is green,
>>    and she wears huge glasses.  She doesn't get out much either, but be wary,
>>    her stated purpose is to conquer the world one little green man at a
>>    time....
>> I like all four of my persona -- and like John said earlier, I find that
>> each has a slightly different personality.  *beladona* is "me" translated
>> into SL and she reacts pretty much the same as Carol would in most
>> situtations.  *elona* is a little shy, almost fragile in some ways, and
>> she is much more open, piable and vulnerable, especially in her relationship
>> with her master.  *Kazi* and *bela* have not been in world enough to
>> develop real character quirks, but Kazi is definitely more playful than any
>> of the four and bela is the bold one you don't want to mess with.
>> Because my reason for having alts is not as "serious" as others, I choose
>> to have them in beladona's profile pics, with LMs to appropriate places.
>> --
>> Carol H. Tucker
>> "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less
>> than half of you half as well as you deserve."
>>  - J. R. R. Tolkien
>> On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 5:32 AM, Marston, Philip G. <p.marston at abdn.ac.uk
>> > wrote:
>>> I'm curious about how people use alts as I'm on the cusp of creating one,
>>> but am hesitant...
>>> John, your post reminds me of Jim Gee's observations when playing the
>>> Lara Croft games, where he is neither Jim Gee nor Lara Croft, but an amalgam
>>> - sort of "Jim-Gee-as-Lara-Croft", which provides him with a different way
>>> of 'being', experiencing and gaining insights than he would have had as Jim
>>> Gee alone. http://edrev.asu.edu/reviews/rev591.htm
>>> I'm paraphrasing so that may not be an accurate interpretation, but it's
>>> what I took from that section of the book. ;-)
>>> How does that fit with your experiences of using alts?
>>> Phil
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