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Reasons that I have heard for the creation of alts:

1.  Land management:  an alt is created to be the rent collector and manage
groups associated with a persons varied land holdings in SL.

2.  Professional/personal exploration of SL:  Some individuals have
restrictions on their groups and appearance in SL associated with their work
and they'd like to explore other groups and activities.

3.  Roleplay: individuals want to create an alt with a name and appearance
that matches their character... for example an elven sounding name or a
dragon name.

4. Harassment:  sometimes people create an alt to escape harassment
temporarily or permanently.  I know one person who did this when potentially
embarassing details of their SL activities were made public on the web.

5. Mischief:  people have been known to create alts for negative reasons, to
cause trouble, fool people or spy on others.

6.  Second Life Arts:  Alts are sometimes created for artistic reasons, such
as actors for machinama, avatars that look like composers of the past,
storyteller characters, stage actor avatars.

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Carol H Tucker <beladona at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are certainly many reasons to creat an alt -- and many arguments
> against it.  On the plus side, I know many muscians, builders, scripters,
> fashionistas, Lindens, and other content creators who have alts just to keep
> from being hounded by their social network.  On the negative side, I know of
> one gentleman who would partner, then create multiple alts so that he could
> solicit sex with random strangers without his partner knowing.  Also on the
> negative side, I also know of a woman who creates multiple characters,
> inserts them willy-nilly in role play for her amusement, then kills them off
> rather than face the consequences of her actions.
> I cannot answer why others have alts or how they use them; I can state why
> I do.  I have four avatars:
>    - *beladona Memorial:*  this is my default persona. Her shape is a
>    custom one that has been refined over time [couldn't buy one because then
>    the face changes and it isn't me] and she has four things that are part of
>    her "look" -- her hair is always red [whether it is long or short], she
>    always wears glasses, she has freckles, and she is short by SL standards.
>    She also has many alternate avatars that she uses -- her favorites being a
>    dragon, a tiny [pig, hatchling or hedgehog], and a book.  She is the busiest
>    of the four -- an SL mentor, a mainstay of the communities where she lives,
>    an active participant in the Live Music and education scene.  When she is
>    online, she is bombarded with personal IMs, group notices, group IMs -- oh,
>    and shopping ads because she is a shopaholic and has subscribed to many of
>    the update groups.  She is a little over 3 years old, takes a great deal of
>    pride in the fact that for a very long time she was the only
>    "beladona/belladonna" in SL, has created a personal group, owns land, and is
>    partnered to Searaven Raymaker
>    - *elona Dayafter:*  is about 1 1/2 years old.  She has a bought shape,
>    has a light dusting of freckles over her cheekbones, and has always been
>    raven-haired.  She started out shorter and plumper, but has morphed to match
>    the tastes of her master.  Originally created for the sole purpose of being
>    with my then-partner without the pressures of beladona's social commitments,
>    elona was a Free Woman of Gor, but has submitted.  She is a kajira and has
>    an active and fulfilling life with her master.  Her time in world varies
>    according to her master's wishes and needs.
>    - *Ndlovukazi Noyes:*  orginally created specifically to enter one sim
>    and explore, around the same time as elona, she is my neko persona.  Her
>    shape is actually the same as beladona's, but she is rather tall, and she
>    has leopard print skin.  She started out as a red head and is now a
>    brunette, but she doesn't get out much.  The name as a great deal of
>    significance to me, but she wears a tag that advises people to "call me
>    Kazi", a nickname that was given to her by a guy she met on her rez day.
>    - *bela Martian:*  created just this spring for a rezz-day party of the
>    evil Martian overlord Razzup Snookums -- the last name "martian" became
>    available right around his rezz-day and just about our entire community got
>    into the swing of this party.  She is only 4', her skin and hair is green,
>    and she wears huge glasses.  She doesn't get out much either, but be wary,
>    her stated purpose is to conquer the world one little green man at a
>    time....
> I like all four of my persona -- and like John said earlier, I find that
> each has a slightly different personality.  *beladona* is "me" translated
> into SL and she reacts pretty much the same as Carol would in most
> situtations.  *elona* is a little shy, almost fragile in some ways, and
> she is much more open, piable and vulnerable, especially in her relationship
> with her master.  *Kazi* and *bela* have not been in world enough to
> develop real character quirks, but Kazi is definitely more playful than any
> of the four and bela is the bold one you don't want to mess with.
> Because my reason for having alts is not as "serious" as others, I choose
> to have them in beladona's profile pics, with LMs to appropriate places.
> --
> Carol H. Tucker
> "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less
> than half of you half as well as you deserve."
>  - J. R. R. Tolkien
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 5:32 AM, Marston, Philip G. <p.marston at abdn.ac.uk>wrote:
>> I'm curious about how people use alts as I'm on the cusp of creating one,
>> but am hesitant...
>> John, your post reminds me of Jim Gee's observations when playing the Lara
>> Croft games, where he is neither Jim Gee nor Lara Croft, but an amalgam -
>> sort of "Jim-Gee-as-Lara-Croft", which provides him with a different way of
>> 'being', experiencing and gaining insights than he would have had as Jim Gee
>> alone. http://edrev.asu.edu/reviews/rev591.htm
>> I'm paraphrasing so that may not be an accurate interpretation, but it's
>> what I took from that section of the book. ;-)
>> How does that fit with your experiences of using alts?
>> Phil
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