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This is statistics from last summer.


If you want to be working in a space where the kids already are (best
way to reach them), then explore these. The biggest is Habbo with over
a million avatars:


Other big ones include:
 - Whyville
 - Gaia
 - Stardoll

Here are more metrics comparing virtual worlds in general:


This image in particular is fascinating, breaking it down by age group:


For content creation in virtual worlds for the under 13 crowd (pre
Teen Grid), they list Konstruction Zone and Roblox.


I wouldn't place a whole lot of stock in the "content creation" label
since I know perfectly well that the Alliance Library Systems has
created content and events in Whyville and that other people sell
their creations in Gaia. My recommendation would be to spend a little
time getting to know the most popular virtual worlds and find out more
about how to connect with the kids there and what the options are for
providing content. While the idea of a really whizbang high tech game
environment might sound like a good idea, ultimately you have to
figure out what the *kids* want to engage with. Who knows?

 - Patricia Anderson / Perplexity Peccable

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 2:50 PM, Barbara Pittman <pittman68 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Our Healthcare department has a Department of Labor grant to do outreach to
> children around grades 4-6 to introduce them to healthcare professions, and
> to show them the sorts of knowledge they need to succeed, i.e. math and
> science, etc. One idea was to develop a Virtual World amusement park, for
> example, where the children could follow different paths, play games,
> socialize, all the while learning about how to move toward a healthcare
> role.
> I'm way out of my league here, having only worked on the regular SL grid.
> These children would be too young to participate in the Teen Grid. Have any
> of you worked with children in Open Sim or some other VW where such content
> could be created?
> Thanks for any advice,
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