[SLED] anyone using Windows Movie Maker for machinima?

Douglas Danforth danforth.2 at osu.edu
Wed Feb 11 07:25:52 PST 2009

Hi Gary,


Thanks for the information. It seems that the flip4mac plugin is Mac based
and we don't have any Macs in our department. I don't necessarily want to
convert to a Mac format, I just want something that Quicktime (and hence SL)
will play.


I'm clearly not doing something right in the conversion process. I tried
Debbie's suggestion (zamzar) and I still get blurry mov files. I've tried
converting to other formats (mp4, 3gp, etc with no luck). I've saved the wmv
file as 640x480, 720x480, etc. - same lousy mov files. Square pixels, round
pixels, banana shaped pixels - zippo. 


I can save the windows movie as an avi but that is a huge file and doesn't
seem like a good candidate to upload to our streaming server and get into SL
in an efficient fashion.


Stumped (LikeTheDog) in Columbus,




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My best recommendation for Windows to Mac video format conversion would be
the Flip4Mac plugin which sits on a mac and lets you see windows formatted
video. The pro version allows you to convert between most importanly WMV and


I would recommend getting the free MPEG Streamclip (which automatically uses
the Flip4mac plugin) and has some great quality presets to make the process
really easy.


It is a very affordable $29 for the pro version and imho very worth it as it
glues Win/Mac video together the most effectively



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