[SLED] Any New Media or Product Design Educators out there?

Jane Veeder jveeder at sfsu.edu
Mon Feb 9 17:29:35 PST 2009



I started using SL about 5 years ago in conjunction with a course called
Design of Virtual Worlds that used AXELEdge as the studio production app and
we used SL for user-perspective research.  This semester I am teaching an
advanced projects "active research" class in Virtual Worlds Design for
visual communication and product design undergraduates.  Rather than using
SL to teach something ELSE, we are studying virtual worlds design itself and
I am interested in hearing from others engaged in the same.


Budget cuts, increasing workloads, and a never-ending real-world remodeling
project have cut into my in-world participation the last few years and I
have fallen behind a bit, so I appreciate links to any recent articles or
in-world projects dealing with my area.


Thanks a bunch,


Jane Veeder

San Francisco State University


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