[SLED] Cost for Student Videos in TSL?

Laura Willson kidscenter at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 13:35:09 PST 2009

Can anyone give me an idea of what it costs to have students produce a video in TSL and what kind of hardware/software is needed? 

My company has about 35 afterschool programs serving middle schools (and a lot more elementary schools) on school campuses. We looked at a proposal to have a consulting company set up digital media labs with traditional camera equipment, which is pricey, and they also require us to buy new Macs because they come with the video cards, firewire, etc. that will be needed to support he apps. I believe the point of entry cost for the hardware alone is about $25,000; this does not include the consulting services. 

Their program is great, and I agree that you get better adoption of the technology when you hire someone to help train and facilitate adoption. My question is, if we introduce them to machinima (they've never heard of it, I asked) could we get the price down by using more garden-variety computers?  If yes, we could use the computer labs that (at least some) of our host schools already have. 

So in a nutshell, does anyone have experience with the cost of making videos with traditional camera equipment versus machinimas?  Less $$ would mean we can take it to more schools!
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