[SLED] SLER - Holiday Party/Gathering

AJ sorry.afk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 07:37:56 PST 2009

Although we will be sending our regular notice for next week's Tuesday
meeting, I wanted to write personally and invite all of you to join us on
the 29th at 2:30pm SL for the SLER end-of-the-year holiday gathering.
Instead of our regular weekly roundtable or interview/panel style meeting,
we hope to start a new tradition and have the last meeting of the year be a
celebration and a time to meet new people and enjoy each other's company.

There will, of course, be the requisite dancing (and I think possibly live
music).  There will be food and drink.  There will also be freebies and some
fun stuff to do.

One of the other thing we plan to focus on is a place for those who are new
to be able to try things out with help, and without fear.  So, if you're
always getting a box on your hand or head, we'll be there to help you figure
that out.  Want to learn how to change clothes without ending up in your
birthday suit, we'll have people there to help you figure that out.

If you are new, or know someone who is new, please do pass this invite along
and come by and visit yourself.  This meeting is open for all, and there
will be something for everyone, but we especially welcome those who are new
to virtual worlds.

The pièce de résistance is not too far from our Amphitheater, in our Winter
of our Memories build.  This is a must see.  We've retained the amazing
building services of Claudia13 Rossini, whom I recommend to anyone in need
of building services.  There will be ice skating, snowball throwing, and
perhaps even a few people riding brooms and wearing capes, :-) since this
currently sits inside of our Quidditch pitch.  Its worth the visit alone.

Attached please find a copy of the invitation that will be sent out to a
variety of groups later on today.

I hope we see you on the 29th.  If not, have a wonderful and safe holiday
break and all the best in the new year.


AJ Kelton
Director of Emerging Instructional Technology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Montclair State University
1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043


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