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Daniel Smith javajoint at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 12:03:37 PST 2009

A couple of quickie points:

* A reason for mentioning OpenSim and other VW platforms (aside from
informing ourselves
as to what is out there) is to let LL that their residents are not all that
content.  If I were
at LL, I would be feeling a bit like the trash compactor scene in Star Wars,
where the
walls start closing in.  One of those walls is OpenSim, another could be
Blue Mars,
and so on.  If they dont pick up the pace and do the right things, other
will grab eyeballs, mouse clicks, and most importantly, institutional
attention and developer $$.

* Someone asked why MetaPlace and other VW's released such early betas.
I've been in software development for over 25 years, so it's easy to answer
Ship early and often.  Iterate.  You have to see if you are on the right
by getting plently of feedback.  The VCs / Investors want to see that
and know if they are putting their money into the right idea.  When it comes
online/web, you don't wait until something is perfect before releasing it.
release something impressive while there is a window of opportunity, and
iterate from there.   Real Story:  I worked on AOL.Com in the 90's with
a bunch of people who had previously developed CDROM shopping
catalogs.  They kept referring to the web site as going "gold master".
They really didn't "get it" at all, in terms of the online iteration

Anway, there are plenty of smart people at LL, and I am sure they realize
all of this.  The key thing in 2010 will be what they do about it.  Other
will make notable progress, regardless.

Happy Holidays ;)

Daniel / Bucky (SL)
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