[SLED] Blue Mars vs. SL for Educators: SL wins!

Larry Havenstein lhavenst at ksu.edu
Mon Dec 21 09:11:07 PST 2009

The key isn't how old the computer is but what kind of video adapter you have.  If you 
have a video adapter that is Intel or has shared memory it will be a challenge to get it to 
work often with Blue Mars.    The recent release does allow you to set a low res setting in 
the properties, but that doesn't always fix it.   

Shared video memory is bad.   It is bad in SL also but it just generates lag in SL.  All Intel 
video adapters use shared video memory.    If you have an ATI or Nvidea video adapter 
with dedicated memory it works fine.   You will also find that SL works much better also.

On 21 Dec 2009 at 9:33, Linda Rogers wrote:

I went and checked out Blue Mars a couple of days ago. I just went to the welcome area 
and chatted to a few people. Several were there doing the same thing as me, putting the 
dibs on their avatar names!

I am on fairly powerful new laptop running Windows 7. I had no difficulty with crashing or 
bugs. The environment was stunningly realistic, but no better than a great SL build 
rendered in ultra. It was kind of hard to judge as the welcome area is fairly boring. 

The movement and camera controls were clunky. The avatar customization controls were 
broadbrush lacking the ability to finetune as you can in SL. 

Mostly it just felt a lonely and sad place with nowhere to go and nothing to do and no 


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