[SLED] sex workers on educational sims article being written

Linda Rogers lindarog at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 06:52:34 PST 2009

I am concerned about the use of language like "kick the cyber-whore to the
curb", as someone suggested a few posts back.  In many countries sex workers
ply a legal trade.  Others are coerced.  Still others do desperate things in
desperate times to feed their children.  Better it be cyber. Let's have
respect for all humans here, no kicking anyone to the curb, especially those
who have been kicked there already by meaner people than us.

I am wondering how the individual researching this is counting an avatar as
a "sex worker".  If you look at avatars' profiles there are quite a
surprising number who have memberships in escort clubs and so on.  Though
they may have a private life in SL, that doesn't mean that they are not
interested in educational events, lectures, sight-seeing and so on. Their
presence in a sim doesn't mean that they are seeking to engage in the sex
trade in that sim.

People are not one-dimensional.

Linda Rogers
Company Administrator
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