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Hey all,

great comments:

I haven't heard anything about this at all from anyone else. Good to hear
that I wasn't completely in the dark (as so often I am - often just logging
in to SL to work, rather than socialize and explore like in the good ole
days). The only thing that kept me entertaining that this notion is that a
lot of ed builds may be created to host events and are left empty
otherwise... something that virtual sex workers might exploit somehow (like
the streets irl that host commerce and bustling public stuff during the day
and at night are frequented by Others because of the opportunity created by
closed shops and sleeping Many).

but it really doesn't make sense to hang out in empty SLED builds waiting
for the random flyover... rather go to the dance clubs, hot tubs, and
locales more appropriate for such activity. hmmm. What's going on?

Island Managers who keep tabs on things certainly should be able to tell us
who's doing what, I should think. If there are people getting propositioned
in places unsupportive of such activity, surely it's being reported. People
keep traffic tabs, post signs on what to do in case of harassment, ban
unsavory types from PG sims, etc.

No one has heard of reports of such inappropriate activity on PG sims?

Maybe there isn't a story here.

I personally didn't believe this was an issue tantamount to "newsworthy"
when the author contacted me about it... but without checking with you all
(and I'd love to hear from more of you... so we have a better n-size :) - I
was questioning my own perspective.

thanks for the input!

Virtual (appropriate) Hugs!

~ J
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