[SLED] Let it snow!...NOT!

Villano, Paul Mr CIV USA TRADOC paul.villano at us.army.mil
Fri Dec 18 10:24:02 PST 2009

Same rant second verse...For those of you who think it is so "cool" (pun intended) to have it snowing in your sims, please resist the temptation.  If you want to make it snowy on the ground, yellow snow, whatever, have at it.  But the snowing in the air only adds lag and makes those of us who have avatars with no leggings feel chilly.  ;o)

Yeah, yeah, "It's my sim I'll do what I want", but let's pretend as I said before that we make the sims for useful purpose and visitors and not "because we can" or the "gee whizz" effect.  Reminds me of the animated gifs or teletype text so popular on web pages years ago.  Just because you can (by permission or knowledge) do something doesn't mean you should.

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