[SLED] Slow Walk for Museums

Kathryn Frech kfrech at syrdiocese.org
Fri Dec 18 06:33:20 PST 2009

No; I too usually set up before a wall or section and cam through as well.  With the limitations of avatar view, it is often impossible to properly see displays _without camming.

A slower walk that was *optional* would be no issue for me, but I would object to being forced to move at what a presenter thought was a proper pace, whether slower or faster. And how fast I myself can/would move might vary greatly depending on how my connection is working and what computer I'm connecting from. 

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Am I unique, in that I enter a museum/store, take a central place in the room, and then camera around to look at everything?
With this technique, being able to trot quickly to the next room is an asset.


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