[SLED] K-State to offer Virtual Learning/Second Life Course

Hope Botterbusch hbotterb at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Dec 15 16:46:48 PST 2009

Kansas State University is once again pleased to offer the course:

EDCI 786 Topics: Virtual Learning/Second Life 

The course begins on January 14, 2010 and runs through May 2010.

Course Description:

.         Learn how to teach in virtual immersive learning environments such
as Second Life.

.         NO lectures from Power Point slides, we use the rich 3-D
environment of virtual worlds to break the traditional mold of teaching and
learning through student-centered, creative thinking, problem solving,
collaborative, social networking, practical application, and project-based

.         Even if you don't teach in virtual environments yet, you can learn
to apply this constructivist-style of teaching and learning to your
face-to-face classrooms by seeing it in action through this innovative

.         The instructor, Hope Botterbusch/Esparanza Freese, has over 25
years of K-12 and higher education teaching experience, and extensive
experience in virtual environments through teaching, research projects,
project management, and estate (virtual land) management.

.         Come join the thousands of educators from all over the world who
teach and learn in virtual immersive environments - one of the most dynamic
tools for 21st Century education.

.         No out-of-state fees

.         Send inquiries to esparanza2 at gmail.com


Enroll here the first week of January.


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