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You can set the "object bonus" to change prims allowed per sq m but that is a setting for the whole island (estate tools). If you need more prims for a parcel then allocate extra land in the island that's not being used, for those prims (parcels don't need to be physically connected to be "joined", so if you've got some wide open space carve out a parcel from that to use for extra prims). 

(Note changing the prims allowed will not let your island exceed 15000 prims)

The only other option is to manage prim counts manually.. if you allocate your parcels using a rental system (Hippo for example) then you can include prim counting and warnings get sent automatically if they're breached. In fact there are probably stand alone prim counters that do this independently of a rental system. The advantage of this is that the project builders can temporarily go over their prim allowance which may be advantageous.

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