[SLED] Parcel prim allowance

David Westwood D.Westwood at mdx.ac.uk
Mon Dec 14 01:28:02 PST 2009


I am developing an island for a British university. Upon this island
will be housed a number of projects. These projects will each be
allocated their own parcel of land within the larger sim. My question is
this: is the prim allowance for these smaller parcels only calculated as
a ratio of prims to land, or is there any way of overriding this and
manually granting prims to each parcel? I ask this because some of the
projects will need less than their allowance and others may well need

Regards and festive greetings.

David Westwood Msc.
e-learning research developer
e-learning research and innovations team.
Middlesex Univesity (ext. 4526)

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