[SLED] Transcript of 12/8 Roundtable Chat on Educational Roleplay in SL

Iggy O iggyono at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 14:56:50 PST 2009

This was a session I moderated but led by the ideas of Viv Trafalgar,
designer for Rezzable (Steamfish) and in SL for the Armada Breakaway
Sim. I shared a few tips from the recently completed "House of Usher"
simulation beta-test.

Viv provides great examples of RP sims in SL for educators to study,
and the group present had many excellent questions:

Older transcripts can be found at:

Don't forget to join us at Montclair on Tuesday, 230-330 SL time, when
Olivia Hotshot will lead a text-chat session about Language
Instruction in SL:

Joe Essid, University of Richmond Rhetoric & Communication Studies

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