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For nearly 3 years, Virtually Speaking has been bringing scientists, policy
makers, pundits and economists into SL. This coming week:

Thursday,  Dec 17 - An Evening of Conversation @ Virtually Speaking with Jay

6:00 pm SLT -
Economist Dean Baker chats with Jay @ Virtually Speaking - Simulcast on
BlogTalkRadio - http://bit.ly/4zncOv

Dean Baker is an American macroeconomist and co-founder and co-director of
the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Previously a senior economist
at the Economic Policy Institute and an assistant professor of economics at
Bucknell University, Baker has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of
Michigan. His B.A. is from Swarthmore College. He blogs for The American
Prospect. We will talk, among other things, about what is going on in DC,
with the Fed, with the policy makers, and about his book Plunder and Blunder

 VS launches a Sunday news in review show. You read them, now you can listen
in and chat with them. Coming in January, VS launches a Sunday news in
review show. Join us at 5pm slt.

Jan 3 - Chris Kendrick, Clammyc

Jan 10 - Cliff Schecter, Marcy Wheeler

Jan 17 - Jesus' General, Culture of Truth

Jan 24 - digby, mcjoan

Jan 31 - nyceve, avedon carol

Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd. Live interviews @ 6pm slt. Music Island
Concerts (MIC) @ 4:30pm slt.

No shows on Dec 24 or 31.  Then in 2010

Jan 7 - Karen Tumulty & Olivier Knox  (MIC: Cindy Ecksol, American Roots

Jan 14 - Josh Knauer (Hayduke Ebisu in SL) Controlled Crowd Sourcing to
radically improve the timeliness and accuracy of data collection.

Jan 21 - Mason Tvert - On legalizing marijuana (MIC: Astronimus Randt, Jazz

Jan 28 - Spencer Ackerman

Feb 4 - Gloria Feldt, Jessica Valenti, Lynn Harris, Lillie Yifu, Eve Pell:
Five Decades of Feminist Experience. What now?
Virtually Speaking with  Jay Ackroyd features live, in-depth, intelligent
conversations with opinion leaders before a virtual studio audience.
Programs are simulcast on Blog Talk Radio. CS Kappler is the alternative
show host. Widget Whiteberry dresses the set and promotes Virtually Speaking
on the net. Dorie Bernstein creates avatars. Dire Lobo  manages sound.
Lillie Yifu is developing the built environment. Kate Miranda produces Music
Island Concerts at Virtually Speaking.

Past shows archived at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/virtuallyspeaking

Twice a month, Kate Miranda teams up with Virtually Speaking to present
Music Island Concerts @ Virtually Speaking. At these informal and intimate
events, professional musicians use the global language of music, setting the
stage for the contemplation of important issues of our time.

Bookem Streeter & Dano Bookmite stock the books at Jackson Street Books
online <http://tinyurl.com/df6r7h>.

Help us spread the word -
1. Follow the schedule and post pictures,  questions/comments to the forum

2. Join the Virtually Speaking group inworld and on FaceBook

3. Follow Jay on Twitter

4. Follow @VirtuallySpeak to find and follow Twitter accounts for past and
scheduled guests.

For more information, contact: Widget Whiteberry

Widget Whiteberry - Public Affairs and Social Networking Aps

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first world aspirations

Virtually Speaking in Second Life
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opinion leaders. Produced before a virtual studio audience. Simulcast on
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