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 Worth watching the show today if you are planning to take the ISTE Story
Quest Tour. If you want to take the tour sign up at:
ISTE SL Tour - December 13, 9-10 am SLT
Weaving Narrative Threads in Virtual Worlds

How do non-linear narratives work? Do these story quests make for greater
immersion and understanding? How can they be used to help further
understanding and a deeper connection with people living withHIV/AIDS?

Host Robert Bloomfield will interview three people who came together to
create story quests – non-linear narratives in a virtual environment – that
celebrated the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS for World AIDSDay. Join
us on December 9, 2009 at 12pm PST<http://www.metanomics.net/about/join_in/>
 as he asks Jena Ball            , Brent Ward             and Christina
Galanis             about the need for narrative threads in enterprise;
about the importance of utilizing real stories (such as theRyan White
 shared on World AIDS Day) to move, engage, educate, and help everyone find
common ground.

Last week’s Metanomics’ show, titled “Total Engagement – Gaming the
discussed how narratives can be used to create context for information and
as a tool for driving innovation within the workplace. Narratives are ideal
frameworks for information They form the connective tissue between people
and organizations, giving them not only a way to weave the threads of their
individual messages into common themes and goals, but a way to create
understanding and empathy as well.
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