[SLED] Hate LL after trying to buy an island?

Miller, Peter pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
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For the price of the island you should get more than non-educators pay twice as much for? And if it was just an hour, I wouldn’t buy an island anyway. Indeed, if you have just an hour (or more likely 50 min if there are other classes scheduled alongside), I’d also query whether a desktop VW  is the right choice to start with.

But, having said all that, I’m sympathetic to your views (in an ideal world, etc) and El’s suggestions may help. I remember the Rezzable CEO blogging similar requirements for people visiting his sims (he also wanted a preconfigured HUD) – it would be interesting to know to what extent the various customised versions of OpenSim support your requirements.


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Did anyone out there come to hate LL after trying to buy and island from them? I'm working with major university to develop a simulation for their nursing school, and they tell me that LL is the worst vendor they have ever worked with. They question the educator status and pricing of a State school that has purchased another island from them in the past! And another thing, does anyone else think it's odd to orient all accounts to their core business model, when certain sectors that they sell to have other needs?

For instance, in creating a simulation, I don't want nursing students with no SL experience to have to create avatars and learn all of the functions. The simulation is only an hour and we don't have time or need to learn all avatar skills. I want to create the avatar, clothe and shape it, put it in the geographic region I want it to be in, customize its inventory to NOT be confusing to find things, and have the student start in a training area I create that is specific to just the avatar skills for the simulation. This is just good design. For the price of an island, I think I should be able to do this! But no, it's a violation of the Terms of Service for me to create the avatar and let someone else use it. Why? Because their orientation is to individual users, I guess. But if you sell to educators, maybe, just maybe, you should allow things that make for better educational experiences. But that's just me.

Anyone else want to join a rant?

Laura Willson/ Ygraine Caerndow
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