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Don't some collars prevent iming? And ... naaaah.

But if a collar can do it, why not a hat? And if a hat, why not a hat with team colors?

Bill Hord

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Lots to know, Rolig, that's why we SLedders have such big brains

Primtionary is just a variation on Pictionary (itself a variation on 
charades), where you pick a dictionary word and draw it.  Others 
guess what you are drawing.

So with Primtionary, you just build the word.  I think it would be 
great for getting building skills established, especially since they 
already know the rules to charades/pictionary.

I'd really like to do a game in teams, to get the class to bond 
socially, but I can't work my brain about how to stop them cheating 
by using instant message to give their teammates the answer.

Would be a great tool, if I could work it out.


>I am feeling so out of it .... This is the third time this week that
>someone has used a word that must have a well-defined meaning for
>99.4% of the population but says nothing to me at all.  Could you
>explain what "primtionary" is, Ellie?


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