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Judges would work, but it would take away the excitement of the game, 
when everyone is trying to guess what is being built.  With judges, 
you have one active player (the builder) and the rest of the team 
will be watching You Tube.

There's got to be a building game that involves all members of the 
team, but can't be gotten around with IM, hopefully one with very 
simple rules.

Collaborative speed building might work, but then you need a judge, 
and that gets finicky.

I wonder if it's possible to design a building game along the rules 
of Scrabble.   Here's one I thought of, but I think it's far too 

You'd start out with a grid, and one team would be given a world to 
build.  They would begin by selecting a square to build their object.

Then, Team 2 would have to build, on an adjoining square, a related object.

For example, you could do it with categories.

Team 1 builds "bear" (mammal)
Team 2 builds "cat" (mammal)

Team 1 then has a choice of building on the adjoining squares to 
"bear" (teddy bear, bear a burden, bear market, etc)  or "cat," 
(catwalk, cat nap)

There would eventually be a stage in the game where the only open 
square would be bordered all round (build something that relates to 
mammal/bear market/cat nap), which would mean teams would have to 
develop a building strategy.

This is a rubbishy plan, I know.  It's too boring for non-building 
team members, and the rules are too complicated.   But this game at 
least takes intstant messaging into consideration, it would be part 
of the game, team members would discuss what was being built.

>Primtionary is like pictionary only with 3D modelling rather than 
>drawing to help define the word.
>Ellie... there isn't an obvious easy solution. With the ability to 
>voice call privately, if I understand the technology properly, even 
>things like timing gaps between changing the prims won't work. You 
>could try to rearrange the game a bit - if you have independent 
>judges that the teams have to do the building for and you reward the 
>team with the fastest net definition time over a number of words you 
>can get the co-operative building part and as long as your judges 
>aren't biased you can remove the tendency to cheat.


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