[SLED] Join us next Tuesday: Roundtable on Roleplay in Virtual Worlds

Iggy O iggyono at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:39:27 PST 2009

Want to know more about how to facilitate immersive education with
effective roleplay?

Last week, the SL Education Roundtable looked at two medical programs
building simulations, including realistic roleplay with faculty and
students. What, however, are the best practices for a good roleplaying
simulation?  Where can students and faculty go wrong? What in-world
techniques make the experience effective?

Special Guest Viv Trafalgar (Steampunk designer, Rezzable's Steamfish,
Armada Breakaway Sim) will share some of her best-practice tips, and I
will put questions (in text chat) to Roundtable participants on
Tuesday, Dec, 8, 230-330 SL Time at Montclair State Univeristy's
Virtual Campus:


I'm in the midst of a roleplay based on Poe's "The Fall of the House
of Usher," and I'm eager to hear about others' work.

Viv and I are experienced gamers and game-designers. Join us to see if
my 30+ years game-mastering Dungeons & Dragons, Peacelord, Call of
Cthulhu, and other games really IS of any educational use!
Joe Essid, University of Richmond Rhetoric & Communication Studies

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