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Cathy's last paragraph is important. We all know students are growing up in a media rich world and a technological maelstrom- with an Internet that is headed toward routine 3-d capacity. Her comment triggers a memory of a Hebrew proverb that I ran across that I used in a paper one time. It is a proverb from the beginnings of civilization, which may serve to enlighten us as we position our educational strategies for the next generation...

"Do not confine your children to your own learning. For they were born in another time."

Ted Boehler, Ed.D.
Coastline College
Dean, Innovation & learning Technology

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Over all interesting conversation and an active one which I have tried to track with some interest..because ... my avatar is very nice looking and much younger than I am.  I have decided that instead of trying to change my avatar to look like me in Real Life I will attempt to change my Real Life avatar to look like her (humor)..it's working!  There was a study done recently that indicates that this can occur.  Well the article only referred to two people, but it could happen. 

When it comes to some of the other details such as interviews in world, students and how we prepare them..remember we are preparing them for "their world," not ours...both are changing with every second that passes.  So we can teach them how to engage virtually, form lasting relationships, how to deal with change, and most important..how to learn continuously.  

Cathy Anderson
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> what a great conversation! A few
> tidbit:
> - i'm surprised by the immediate sort of
> reactionary resistance to an SL interview - you all sound
> like our resident curmudgeons who still don't want to
> allow full online classes because we'll never really
> know if they took their own exams. Guess what? I have NEVER
> checked a student's ID in an in-person class in the
> first place! I have a colleague who took his brother's
> entire econ class in grad school because he couldn't
> bear to see his brother not get a masters out of an
> inability or unwillingness to complete a final 3-credit
> class. We interview and hire teaching positions based on
> paperwork and background check and a one-hour in-person
> interview with a panel, including a 10-minute teaching
> sample. This is not at all adequate, but I'm confident 3
> different SL interviews would probably be as telling- esp.
> with voice. Point is, you should never hire based on one or
> two things- like a college app, it's a collection of
> things. A recent Time article even had tips on how to
> interview via webcam. Do you really need to fly folks across
> the country to interview? Sometimes, yeah- many times, no.
> My neighbor works for a consulting company from his bedroom-
> i was in africa when i introduced him to the lead tech at
> the company via a shared skype session. He wanted to see a
> resume. I suggested that rather than waste everyone's
> time, and since i was recommending him strongly, that they
> chat for a few minutes on skype. After two minutes they were
> talking about favorite linux distros and i excused myself
> from the conversation. They hired him half an hour later. It
> comes in all forms. He's on year 2, and been promoted
> several times, but is under orders from his doctor to lose
> some weight because he spends all day in front of a computer
> at home...
> With regards to appearance, i did a workshop for some
> of our staff in SL. We went over appearance customization,
> and as i was reviewing the results, i noticed one with a
> somewhat pointed nose- just as i was saying, "You
> don't need to make your nose so big..." i looked up
> at her and.... well, let's just say it was a classic
> "open mouth, insert foot" moment for me, and i was
> utterly embarrassed and shamed. Her response, "I've
> come to peace with my appearance a long time
> ago."
> I wear a shiny construction helmet a linden guy gave
> me when i first started in 2005- can't give it away
> without losing my copy. I have a rave stick that's
> garnered more comments and compliments than any real-world
> item i own ever has - cost me 50lindens. i'm dark
> skinned and 7' tall, though in the real world i'm
> light skinned and only 6' 6". When i pitch SL, i
> pitch the two concepts of "emotional investment"
> and " proximity" - the more you customize your
> avatar, the more you become invested in it, and the more it
> becomes "you"... just as when you talk to your kid
> on the phone, you're talking to the kid, not talking to
> the phone. We move ourselves in SL, not our avis, and we
> talk to other people, not to other avis.
> On related note, i was giving a class a quick demo of
> second life- they were watching on the projector as i moved
> around. I bumped into someone - and told her that i was
> doing a class, that she was on a big screen in Charlotte,
> NC, and would she mind having a voice conversation so i
> could show the students how it worked. Her response was,
> "yeah right." I asked her how i could prove it to
> her. She said "you can't". It just so happened
> i had just finished a lecture capture recording (panopto)
> with me on camera, and my screen recorded, giving a lecture
> to a class. I sent her the link to the screen recording via
> second life just about when her friend showed up- presumably
> to help ward me off, LOL. I think that there is a lot of
> room for mixed media- imagine if video streams become
> standard and easy, so my webcam could go right onto an
> object in SL- or you could throw out a "handheld"
> projector and shine it on the ground within SL for others to
> see a video feed on the fly. Voice adds a huge benefit, and
> makes it real, giving you 75% of what many interviews
> needs.
> Cheers all!
> d.i.
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