[SLED] Possible virtual web/vw scied event: any interest?

Miller, Peter pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Dec 2 02:28:21 PST 2009

Just posted this to the JISCmail VW list in response to someone seeking help for their new island and thought I would share. Suggestions welcome. I’d like to factor in some opportunities for roundtable swapping of ideas, good practice, etc as well.


Hi Christa

Make no claims to being an expert (all learners here, methinks) but am interested in putting together a virtual event that might relate, viz something along the lines of "When Worlds Collide..." looking at intersection of web and virtual worlds in science education (HEA Bio/PhysSci areas). Jean-Claude Bradley from Drexel has expressed interest (his recent paper: http://www.journal.chemistrycentral.com/content/3/1/14 ), maybe myself, some SLOODLE, PIVOTE activity? Could go beyond science, I guess, and deal more generally with convergence too. Not necessarily limited to SL either.

Would need to be at US-friendly hour, ie 20:00-ish. Short talks, posters, demos.

Too vague? OK, I'm just thinking out loud. Any interest? Anyone?

Best wishes


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