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Cathy Anderson cathywyo1 at gmail.com
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I love to explore in Second Life too...I heard there were something like
32,000 sims and new stuff added all the time..never stop exploring!


On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Budd <n7eoj at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Dick:
> Being a youngster here, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of existing and
> ongoing creativity.
> Have you stopped exploring?  All frontier exploration is adrenaline
> charged. I was involved with building and testing the D.A.R.P.A. project.  I
> couldn't wait to get online and telnet to new sites.  The excitement was
> electric.
> Then Mosaic & WWW came along.  Again I was running on adrenaline and no
> sleep.
> Last summer, I discovered SL, while out Edusurfing for science resources.
> Now my time is split between SL & edusurfing.  I'm constantly jonesing to
> get online & stay up late.
> I mine every new AV I encounter for their Picks.  I click through for
> interesting places I haven't been.  Any gathering or class yields enough new
> LM for hours of rewarding exploration and recommendations to share with
> other educators in their various fields.
> An old & favorite cartoon shows the sad husband telling the wife, "I've
> reached the end of the Internet.  I don't have anything left to do."
> I wish could find the end of the I'net.  Then I would have time to revisit
> all the places have I liked.  I feel the same about SL.
> If you miss the adrenalin rush, please recruit all the creatives looking
> for new frontiers to pioneer.  When things start happening, please report
> back.  I love exploring.
> Budd <Josain Zsun>
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