[SLED] Tipping point

Donelle Sydow donellesydow at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 11:10:00 PDT 2009

Did anyone research exactly what people were buying that contributed
most to the Q1 09 spike?  Subscriptions?  Land? Educational related
objects?  Adult related objects?  Just wondering.

On 4/28/09, Cider Moon <cidersmoon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Someone please remind me why it's the 'adult' sims that are being
> quarantined, and not the (vocal minority) narrow minded who should
> confined to their own Disney(R) sim-continent? After all, it's not the
> adult sim owners who are complaining about the PG sims, it's the
> G-rated mentality that is somehow politically suppressing free
> expression they don't understand and/or disagree with. Who's making
> the decision that the G-minded are somehow important and the artists
> etc. shall be verboten?
> ~!W
> PS. "The quarantining of the red light stuff is good and now is the
> time to do it and it will foster continued mainstream growth
> particularly in education and business but the Q1 09 numbers happened
> anyway and during a time of great economic stress....Exciting stuff. "
> I got news for ya. Economies crash. Bubbles burst. Carry on....
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