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Mon Apr 27 18:52:38 PDT 2009

My name is Catalina Bohorquez. I am an 8th grade Spanish teacher in Central Florida. I am currently working on my Masters Degree. The program is called Education Media Design and Technology in Education. Through this program we have explored many new technologies that could be used in the classroom. During one of our classes we were introduced to SL and I fell in love with it. I see so much potential. I feel that I could do so many things by bringing SL into my classroom.
I am also working on my graduate thesis and I decided to focus it on Multi User Virtual Environments in the World Language Education classroom. I am not currently working on projects in SL. I am simply exploring but hope to one day build something where my students could come and interact while learning Spanish and about the Hispanic culture.
~Catalina Bohorquez

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