[SLED] What tools/software/scripting to use in Creating and Using Sound in Second Life ?

margh2010 at comcast.net margh2010 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 26 15:23:35 PDT 2009

Dear Folks, 

I was just wondering what people are using to create and play very short 

sound bytes - maybe 10 to 20 seconds long? 

Also, what is being used to create and play longer sounds, such as 

an instructor reading and explaining slides during a Powerpoint presentation? 

I know that Second Life supports . WAV  files  and some people are doing 

streaming music with MP3 players, but I am wondering what instructors are 

actually using.  

Application  1.  I am trying to create some educational Powerpoint slides with recorded audio. 

Application  2.  And would also like to have short audio sounds play when an avatar touches 

an object. 

I would like to begin using sound, but am not sure how it works in Second Life and 

what would be the best applications to use in applications  1. and 2. 

Thank you for all your kind help, 

Marz Dayafter 
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