[SLED] Clipboard?

Kim FLINTOFF kimbo2 at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 21 16:47:25 PDT 2009

OK . my guess.


You're in the MAP and you've selected the button "Copy to SLURL to


Just as when you select some text in Word and then hit ^C [Copy] - you copy
the data into a temporary (virtual) part of memory - all you need do is ^V
[Paste] to paste it somewhere else. Copying the SLURL works exactly the same


As Rolig suggested this all occurs within the operation of your machine. SL
is just the application you're using at a particular instant.  


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Can someone please tell me where in the world I would find my clipboard in


I've looked in all the places that made sense to me, but no clipboard. I
want to send a link to the students in my class so they can watch a vid on
education in SL and I saved it the clipboard, just don't know where the heck
that is! Not intuitive.







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