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Nicki Ree for the females...good business attire and gowns -- both turn out
to be "important" at one time or another.  She has matching shoes.

Kmadd (Mad Designs) and Redgrave for the men...a tuxedo or equivalent will
be "important" at one time or another...and females do notice the shoes.

Probably the most important aspect to looking elegant is your Animation
Override.  It is the one area that anyone who's been in SL for more than a
few weeks notices first.  It is very difficult to get beyond the clunky walk
regardless of what you're wearing.   Vista Barnes (amongst others).

I know looks shouldn't matter, but they do....it's that "emotional
bandwidth" thing that SL is so good at that compels it.

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> Sometimes I just can not find time to find clothes or a particular item so
> I just go to https://www.xstreetsl.com/
> and do a search.....
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