[SLED] A cautionary tale - VWs: a Panopticon prison?

John Waugh xtr16402301 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Apr 13 18:01:19 PDT 2009

One thing that seems to incense many of the academics/educators within 
the SLED  group is the proposition that the Lindens or anyone else might 
curb  some of their freedoms.
Those freedoms, however, are already on the line in VWs.
Anyone's right to privacy obviously doesn't exist in any virtual world, 
  as Joshua Fairfield succinctly pointed out in the Yale Law Review, 
January 19 (http://yalelawjournal.org/2009/01/19/fairfield.html)
 From his cautionary tale one can only surmise that one engages in what 
  would be risky Real World activities in Virtual World's at one's peril.
It all depends on whether the real life you is "important" enough to 
watch VW or the Government or its agencies could be bothered watching.
cheers John Waugh

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