[SLED] a few questions about subject protection in SL please, thanks.

Ed Lamoureux ell at bumail.bradley.edu
Fri Apr 10 18:41:10 PDT 2009

I am working on a report/paper about research ethics in Second Life.

If you've done research in SL (or if students have done research under  
your direction), I'm interested to hear about your experiences. Please  
send me a message off list [ell at bradley.edu]

1) briefly describe the research (a) as human subject research or (b)  
as work that is not covered by human subject protection.
2) if you determined the work was (b), please describe what reasoning  
you used to decide it did not involve humans.
3) if you determined the work was (a), please tell me if you asked for  
any exemption(s) from full protection procedures. If so, from which  
procedures did you ask relief and why? If you didn't apply at all,  
please note why not.
4) Please send a copy of any informed consent document you used.
5) add comments if you'd like, esp. about the most important issues  
you see raised here.

I'll cycle a compilation back to the list.


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