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One thing you want to avoid is the Vista operating system in conjunction with certain graphics cards, like NVidia 3500. Do a google search on "Vista NVidia" and you'll get the idea. I know a couple of people who were being driven crazy by this combination. I have a Mac, so no problem.

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Greetings, folks:
My education service agency has approved my getting a new laptop because I'll be taking kids into SL this fall. Yes, it has to be a laptop--I travel and train and present. I know it's not possible to change out a graphics card in a laptop. 
So, if you could get a new laptop now which needs to last at least two years in terms of graphics and SL capability, which direction would you go? All specs would be great, and I'll pass these on to my tech director.
Thank you,
Rinda Montgomery Conwell
MLani Montgomery in SL 

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