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Eloise Pasteur eloisepasteur at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 13:09:04 PDT 2009

Get a macbook pro. They come with double graphics cards, one of which  
is essentially a pro-level graphics card and chews up SL better than  
quite a few desktop machines. They all do this, so whichever model  
fits your budget.


On 9 Apr 2009, at 20:26, Rinda wrote:

> Greetings, folks:
> My education service agency has approved my getting a new laptop  
> because I'll be taking kids into SL this fall. Yes, it has to be a  
> laptop--I travel and train and present. I know it's not possible to  
> change out a graphics card in a laptop.
> So, if you could get a new laptop now which needs to last at least  
> two years in terms of graphics and SL capability, which direction  
> would you go? All specs would be great, and I'll pass these on to my  
> tech director.
> Thank you,
> Rinda Montgomery Conwell
> MLani Montgomery in SL
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