[SLED] The presentation on the Psych build

Cathy Anderson cathywyo1 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 1 16:43:44 PDT 2009

Hi AJ...

The presentation today on the Freud / Psych build that you and other have done in SL today was an excellent one.  

I had a chance to drive a ways..in South Dakota it's kind of that way and put two and two together and I would like to use the Pych build as a demonstration to some people from Merlot on how learning objects can be embedded into Second Life .... Now I am beginning to see how SL can be a content management system as well as a learning environment.  

If I can arrange something would you like to participate ... at the very least a phone conversation..as I am not sure what their SL capabilities are. 

I am talking to them next week about South Dakota possibly hosting and working on a virtual confernce in coordination with the Merlot International Conference in August.    I was going to do this in part using Elluminate and Second Life even thought my boss would like me to use SL only for the virtual conference..I would like to do that to but think the logistics would be a real challenge after seeing how the VWBPE conference worked. 

We'll see he's my boss so I usually end making things work. 


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