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I started my Music Island @ Sea Turtle Island project because at that time
most great musical projects were being held in commercial spaces where the
landowners did not plan well for events or care enough to be around to
police the event.  Sims were crashing because capacities were not set at
realistic levels, panicked newbies would run about screaming for help on
tuning in music, indiscriminate use of many high rez textures
lagged performers and audience alike, and griefers were running amok without
anyone empowered to curtail their activities.

Yes, realistically, I think it is the responsibility of the presenter of the
event (land owner or estate manager) to control the behaviour of the
audience.  Just like in my RL concert hall, the ushers will confiscate
cameras, shush talkers, and if necessary security will be called to escort
troublemakers out.

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 6:12 PM, Martin, Jocelyn <martinj at apsu.edu> wrote:

> >>>>sounds like they needed hecklebot  and what you are describing is what
> needs to be managed beforehand usually.   It is a trickle business.
> >>>>>>why should they restrain themselves, I think that's the question.
> The other question is is why people felt the need to respond to the
> pranksters.
> So it is the responsibility of the presenters to control the behavior of
> the audience?
> We've come perilously close in resent threads to saying that individuals in
> SL have no responsibility to moderate their behavior in any way, to be more
> accommodating to others. If griefers want to destroy someone's house, it's
> the fault of the homeowner for not preventing them; if people want to
> chatter during a speech, it's the responsibility of the moderator to stop
> them, or the responsibility of others in the audience to figure out how to
> read around their comments.
> Are we really wanting to create a world where there are no manners, no
> consideration for others; a world where narcissism is the one guiding
> principle? How much fun will THAT be?
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